Monday, 20 June 2011

Tags for future scrapbook

G'day Everyone!

So I have something new to share with you. After being inspired by one of my fellow aussie scrapbooking artists, I have made the following tags for a future scrapbook project I will be working on. I am quite happy how they turned out. The reverse side will have journalling on it :) They are loosely based around virtues and the late victorian era.

All of the tags

So thoughts? :)

- Kirilee


  1. Those are so pretty!!! Is that scrapbook paper?

  2. Hi! Yes it is. :D Though I do want to go to the op shop and grab some old music books and use that :D

  3. Very cool, they'll look fantastic on a layout.

  4. Very pretty! Music books are terrible for going yellow, and although that wouldn't be a problem for vintage LOs, I'd worry a bit about the acidity. How about doing a colour photocopy/scan of an old music book, and printing your own acid-free paper?

    Rosey x (Red Squirrel from SB)