Tuesday, 11 October 2011

A new card - crazy crazy life getting in the way

G'day everyone!
It's been a while - sorry. Life has been getting in my way lately.
Check out the latest card I've done for my friend Lizzie's birthday. It is simple but elegant (and quite her I think). What's more, I started to use a few different techniques and colours combined, and I was really happy how it turned out.
I would love your thoughts.
I used a plain card I got (I love cheap blank cards with matching envelopes). I used the Moulin Rouge 6 x 6 pack. I love the images in this pack, and suit Liz's love of theatre and dance... and of course, MOULIN ROGUE!
Also used my martha stuart butterfly punch and around all the edges I blankened them then added a bronze layer on top. I like it. I think it looks burnt a little :)
If anyone wants to know the stamp for the writing, let me know and I'll dig it out :)

The envelope with the same butterfly theme

Inside the card. Same butterfly theme. The piece of paper is also card stock from the moulin rouge. Like I said before I love this card stock. I ripped the edges and did the same blank and bronze technique I used before.

Tell us your thought. My boyfriend believes I need a new punch because I am giving my butterfly one a real work out.
- Kirilee

Monday, 20 June 2011

Tags for future scrapbook

G'day Everyone!

So I have something new to share with you. After being inspired by one of my fellow aussie scrapbooking artists, I have made the following tags for a future scrapbook project I will be working on. I am quite happy how they turned out. The reverse side will have journalling on it :) They are loosely based around virtues and the late victorian era.

All of the tags

So thoughts? :)

- Kirilee

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Get Well Card

G'day everyone!

So today I would like to share with you a get well soon card I made for my friend Bec. It is a Tri-Fold card - the first time I've tried on. Worked quite well I think - a bit bigger than others I've seen, but it still stands fine :)

I wanted to keep it bright and happy but have a mature quote on it rather than just "Hey, let's go pick up once you get better!" or something along those lines :)

Part A of quote....

Part B of quote. Ahhh... Winston Churchill. Hate the man for many reasons, but he was good with words.

And an old photo of Bec and I. It is my favourite one.

Anyway, that's me. I was wondering if anyone would be interested if I did a tutorial on a different type of flower embellishment making?
Let me know!

- Kirilee

Monday, 13 June 2011

Another voucher!

G'day everyone!

Guess what? I did another voucher. Not too snazzy I know but want to share it with you anyway :)

Terry's sister knows everyone is pitching in to help buy her a ipad but Terry didn't want to put cash in a card. Instead, he is giving it to her boyfriend and this will be inside her card. Muh ha ha ha!

Thoughts? Ideas? Random quote? Share it with me!
- Kirilee

Thursday, 9 June 2011

A day of rest... how lovely!

G'day everyone!

I had a WONDERFUL day of complete rest today, doing as little as possible - catching up on some TV I've recorded as well as scrapping along :)
And I got to make a gorgeous (lil "over-the-top" (according to my brother)) card for my grandmother (who is a lil 'over-the-top' herself :))

I also did it for Marivic's June Purple Garden Challenge - Check out the entries here... so lovely and inspiring!

Anyway... my fun time:

So materials used: ribbon (wired - so easy to use), card stock, sticky half pearls (Tealy green) and this wicked little cameo from 'Webster's pages silhouettes'. Gorgeous! (And isn't my Nan gorgeous?)

TEXTURE! Love that ribbon

Close up on the cameo and butterfly - once again made with my new hole puncher

Very cute text and of course, more close up on those butterflies!

I had a lot of fun with this card, although a few places stumped me. After I started making it, I wished the card was bigger.

That's all for now scrappers!

- Kirilee

P.S. As always, would love your feedback.

Wednesday, 8 June 2011


G'day everyone!

Look at this voucher I made for my friend Dot - it is for a surprise present.
Lots of fun and I have had another request to make another voucher for Terry's sister :) People are starting to really like my work - my mum thought her card was amazing... dad thought I bought it from the store *giggles*

Anyway, my first voucher!

The front :) I got to use my new stamp set, distress ink and butterfly hole punch!

 I love these flutterbys! :D
And the back... yes I know, I seem obsessed with butterflies!

That's all for now folks :)
- Kirilee

Monday, 6 June 2011

New card - New butterfly hole punch

G'day everyone,

Sorry it have been a long time since my last post. Uni and work has gone CRAZY! But the long weekend, plus Terry doing some work around his house, I had some time to finally do some projects I had been meaning to get onto.

The first one I want to share is this card I made for Shellie, Terry's sister. Her birthday is in July :)
Love to hear your thoughts!

 The front - new materials I've used... the butterfly hole punch I bought to make these GORGEOUS little embellishments. I have A LOT of fun playing with this today.
I also got some silver pigment ink - a lot fun as well.

Inside the card.

Detail of the butterflies.

The card and the matching envelope.

Tell me what you think. Next up will be the voucher I made for another friend - for a surprise present her friends are setting up for her :)

Until next time,