Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Mum's birthday card

G'day everyone!

So I wanted to share with you some photos of a quick, cute card I made for my mum's birthday. It is the first card I've done for a couple of years, so it is pretty simple.

The card from the front-ish. Mum loves dogs, so when I saw this embellishment as a pack of 2 for a $1, I couldn't resist. I love red dot - have some crazy cute scrapbooking stuff. Shame it is quite random in its stock.

Another view of the doggy. The lace print is my favourite stamp. It is part of a four clear stick on stamp set... some pretties!

Simple with lots of space to write a personal message

 The lace stamp again but this time with another stamp I love but don't get to use too often. It is part of a pretty nifty set I bought from red dot again... I think the set of 3 cost me $2... and it is brilliant!


  1. You do such cute work!! Good job

  2. Thank you so much :) I've another card going up next