Tuesday, 24 May 2011

First post & First from Scratch Scrapbook!

G'day everyone!

Welcome to my very first post! I'm very excited because I used to have a livejournal ages ago, just where I could journal a bit about everything, and I miss it. But I just felt like I needed something with a bit more direction. So I thought, why not a blog about my arts and crafts loves?

So, the very first thing I would like to share with you is my newest scrapbook that I created from my friend Olivia. Now I had never made a scrapbook from scratch, so this was an experiment in itself. I decided to keep it simple and for the first time, really try to stick to a colour theme. So I tried sticking to Grey/Silver, Yellow/Gold, & Purples (Purple is Olivia's favourite colour :)).

There is something else I should tell you. The pages are made from plastic bags. I saw this cool tutorial by Laura from following the paper trail (Youtube video: How to turn plastic bags into scrapbooking pages & Blog Spot: Following the Paper Trail) that made me really excited. So I gave it a crack, and I love how much texture each page had. Seriously, if you love scrapbooking, you have to try it. I would love to do another one of these at some point and make a scrapbook out of completely recycle-able items.

So without further hesistation... the scrapbook! It is all about Olivia and some of the characters she has played on stage. With each photo I've included a Shakespearean piece of text that has something to do with the character she was playing or the play she was in. (She is very passionate about Shakespeare :)).

The Front (& Back) Cover

A sample page... photo, Shakespearean text, flowers...

See how much texture the pages have? MUCH LOVE!

Probably one of my two favourite quotes... and also a close up of a page... look at that texture!

So that is me for now. I have a card I made for my mum's birthday that I plan on telling you about later. Other than that, if you know Olivia - don't tell her about the scrapbook. I just wanted to share it with everyone except her. She'll be getting it soon enough :P

((I also made a video about this scrapbook - but it isn't so great :) - Video of some Australian talking....))

See you all later!
- Kirilee


  1. :) Thank you so much. Just plain cheap gold ribbon from a reject shop near my work. Lovely stuff to work with.

  2. Very cool mini! I've never seen anything like it. Welcome to the world of blogging. I love all kinds of crafts too!

  3. Congrats on your blog! This is a wonderful mini and I love the colors you used!!

  4. ThAnk you both so very much. The pages were really easy to do and you know what? I reckon they look a whole lot more prettier this way than in landfills :)